Random Photographer 10

Random Photographer #10 (dbID 1301)

Mette FRANDSEN (b. 1976?)

Source: Conscientious

In August 2011 Joerg suggested Mette’s story Sin City “pulled no punches”. Burn Magazine published the essay about a year later (with a selection of 25 images) advising that it “contains explicit content”.  I didn’t feel any heavy blows landing while I viewed the photographs and although the content was definitely explicit it wasn’t quite the explicitness I expected. What and where is the sin that flourishes in Las Vegas particularly? This is surely a report from thousands of cities scattered across our s(p)inning globe.

And then there is the subtitle “A Dream Come True”. Is this an ironic reference to the American Dream that has turned into countless millions of nightmares? One of Mette’s images seems to reference Roger Fenton’s “Valley of the Shadow of Death” but this might be my imagination.

Detail from photographs by Roger Fenton (left) and Mette Frandsen

Detail from photographs by Roger Fenton (left) and Mette Frandsen

I couldn’t decide if any of the people portrayed in Sin City appear in more than one photograph. A rough count reveals that there are 14 men and 11 women in the 40 images on Mette’s website and it is very obvious that they all have plenty of stories they could tell about their lives – given the opportunity and a better platform than photography can provide.  One of the comments on Burn expressed my feeling – of reading the introductory text and wanting to learn more about Mickey and Sam but being offered very little of mind expanding substance by the images.

This is a weakness of the medium rather than the messenger. I’m curious to see how photography fares as a story teller in Love Me, promised later this month. It would be good to see Mette’s online Journal spring into life too.


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